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Digital Dental Assessments

Digital Dental Assessments

Cost effective private dental advice and tailored at home treatments, in an instant.

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What You Can Get

Need a second opinion, quick dental checkup or have a problem you want reassurance on? Let one of our dentists review and analyse your concerns, and give you advice and peace of mind straight from your phone whenever, wherever you are

Dental Health Assessment

  • Comprehensive digital assessment across 22 risk areas
  • Understand your unique risk factors and needs
  • Get impartial advice on preventive procedures and regimes to achieve optimal dental health.


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Specific Concern / Emergency Assessment

  • Detailed assessment of the concern you present
  • Understand your options and get advice on x-rays and treatment plans you upload.
  • Get impartial advice on products and regimes to resolve your concern and prevent future issues.


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receive private prescriptions direct to your pharmacy

How it works

Symptoms / problem analysis that can be picked up through a digital dental screening

Toothache (pulpitis) reversible / irreversible - analysis / management

Wisdom tooth problem - analysis / management

Fractured / Broken tooth - analysis / management

Lost Filling - analysis / management

Wobbly teeth - analysis / management

Dental trauma - analysis / management

Post treatment e.g filling sensitivity, temporary crown - analysis / management

Abscess / Infection - analysis / management

Bleeding gums - analysis / management

Bad breath causes - analysis / management

Children’s teeth development - analysis / management

Teenage Orthodontic development - analysis / management

Ulcers / Sore spots - analysis / management

TMJ Problems - analysis / management

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